Why we need these game consoles since we are in a technological era? We can play powerful gaming hardware that exceeds yesterday's PCs in the palm of your hand. Tablets and smart phones are just one example of this.

Playing old school games by pressing buttons is a totally different experience from touching on tablets/ phones' screens. It is gamers' true natural habitat when in direct control of that experience with physical buttons and a real d-pad or authentic analog control. 

RG350/ RG300 is the game console allows you to play 80s'/ 90s' games in a convenient way. With the current technology, we make excellet screen display. We ensure you keep playing games up to 5 hours.

Play on-go and have fun from now on.

The Name of The Company: Middle Bridge Ltd

Address: Endeavour House 3rd Floor,
Coopers End Road, Stansted, CM24 1SJ, United Kingdom